Derosier Chocolates

Award winning chocolatier
Andrew and Leona opened their first chocolate and coffee shop in 2012 having decided to change careers and do something completely different- Andrew had been in the City for 23 years and Leona had been a linguist in the Civil Service for even longer.

Derosier Chocolate Great Taste Awards Derosier Chocolate Great Taste Awards Derosier Chocolate Great Taste Awards

Having a love of all things chocolate, Leona decided to retrain as a chocolatier and undertook training at the Academy of Chocolate run by Callebaut Chocolate in Banbury, interspersed with long hours practising in her kitchen at home and the arduous task of numerous tasting sessions. Leona has been honing her skills ever since and is now an award winning chocolatier, gaining multiple Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste Awards, both for her filled chocolates and eyecatching packaging for her bars.

Andrew meanwhile became a skilled barista and total coffee nerd, well versed in the complexities of brew ratios and latte art. He is the welcoming face of DeRosier Chocolate & Coffee- so much so that regular customers often refer to our first shop as “Andrew’s”, (Leona wanted to call their shop DeRosier as it was her French Canadian father’s name and seemed to fit the bill as a name for a chocolate company!).