Chocolate Treats

Our chocolate treats selection includes a variety of handmade chocolates packaged in small bags or boxes and sealed with our DeRosier sticker and ribbon. Ideal for ‘self treating’ or as a little gift for friends and family. Why not treat your employees to a small care package of our chocolate treats? We are able to box up and send out chocolates to multiple addresses.

Our current range of chocolate treats comprises:

  • Dark chocolate with Raspberry pieces. Our dark Peru 64% chocolate is packed with small pieces of freeze dried raspberry which produce a sharp, fruity flavour that perfectly complements the chocolate.
  • Dark chocolate infused with peppermint oil. A classic after dinner chocolate with added crunch of demerara sugar.
  • Espresso infused dark chocolate. We take freshly ground espresso and infuse it in cocoa butter before straining and adding to our dark Peru 64% chocolate and adding demerara sugar for extra crunch.
  • Caramelised hazelnuts in dark chocolate. Small pieces of caramelised hazelnuts are added to our dark Peru 64% for a nutty mouthful.
  • Caramelised almonds in milk chocolate. Small pieces of caramelised almonds go perfectly with our milk Venezuela 43% for a subtle nutty taste.
  • Crunchy pretzels dipped in 43% milk chocolate. A classic combination of sweet and salty delivered by dipping giant pretzels in our Venezuela milk chocolate 43%
  • Roasted almonds coated in hazelnut gianduja and dusted in cocoa powder. A Great Taste award winning product, indulgent and moreish!
  • Candied orange and lemon strips dipped in dark chocolate. The candied, tangy strips are hand dipped in dark Peru 64% chocolate and are a popular gift all year round.
  • Small pieces of honeycomb in 64% dark chocolate from Peru. A shift of emphasis from the chunks of dipped honeycomb, here you get more chocolate than honeycomb, but still a tasty nibble!
  • Small pieces of honeycomb in 43% milk chocolate. Less honeycomb than in the chunks, but some people prefer more chocolate-take your pick!
  • Chunks of golden honeycomb hand dipped in 64% dark chocolate. Satisfying mouthfuls of crunchy honeycomb enrobed in dark chocolate.
  • Chunks of golden honeycomb hand dipped in 43% milk chocolate. The ultimate sweet chocolate treat and one of our best sellers!

Our products change all the time so come back to see our latest range of chocolate treats.