We can make unusual and unique chocolate gifts on request. Just let us know your idea and we will try and come up with something tempting in chocolate!

We were recently asked if we could make a chocolate chess set as a special birthday present and of course, we jumped at the chance to create a bespoke gift. Here it is above, all 1.7kg of it made in white Belgian and dark Peru 64% chocolate. We managed to find a large cake box which it fitted into perfectly so transporting it was much easier than anticipated!

Last Thanksgiving we had an enquiry about making other unique chocolate gifts, such as a  centrepiece chocolate turkey, so we present  Gertrude in all her glory! She was made in milk chocolate and her feathers were enhanced with coloured edible lustre powders. Too pretty to eat!

Back in the day when social gatherings were the norm, we were commissioned to make some cute gift bags for a 30th birthday party and here is the result. A unique and personalised chocolate gift that looks like a small tote bag. Inside is one of our milk chocolate origin bars.

Another special chocolate gift we have made on a few occasions is the personalised chocolate champagne bottle surrounded by champagne truffles in an ice bucket. Perfect for that special celebration!

Last Valentines Day, we were contacted by Callebaut who wanted to promote their Ruby Chocolate and asked if we could make a chocolate creation using this couverture. We of course rose to the challenge and made this giant Ruby ring which took pride of place in our Earlsfield shop. The band of the ring and base were made from dark chocolate, finished with gold lustre dust and glazed and the jewels were made from Callebaut Ruby chocolate, lightly dusted with silver shimmer powder and glazed for maximum impact.

All our unique chocolate gift are made in our shop in Earlsfield, South West London, where we have a chocolate kitchen. We make small runs of all our handmade chocolates, treats and bars to keep them as fresh tasting as possible. A lot of the tempering is done by hand because we use many different qualities of single origin couverture particularly in our bars but we also have a couple of automatic tempering machines which come into their own during busy seasonal periods.

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