With the increasing popularity of vegan chocolates, we have many different products which fit the bill. Our Dark Chocolate Honeycomb and Dark Honeycomb thins in our Chocolate Treats Section are probably 2 of our best sellers. The sweetness of the honeycomb combined with the dark 64% Peru chocolate is unique. Equally, dark chocolate combines well with nuts-we have Dark Hazelnut Thins and our Earlsfield Bar comes smothered in caramelised almonds. Other vegan chocolate options to tempt you are the Mint Thins made with the Peru 64%, peppermint oil and a sprinkling of demerara sugar for added crunch and our Espresso Thins which combine freshly ground coffee beans that have been infused in cocoa butter with dark Peru 64% chocolate and demerara sugar.

Our Raspberry Thins are also vegan, with pieces of freeze dried raspberry added to dark Peru 64% chocolate; very flavourful!

If candied fruit is your thing, then our hand dipped strips of orange and lemon batons are a must and are also vegan. Additionally, we have ginger strips in dark chocolate packed in small treat sized bags.

As well as many ambient treats and single origin dark bars, we also offer several vegan chocolates among our selections in the boxes; Dark Ginger, Coconut Caramel, Bitter Orange and Cherry & Almond. We are working to increase the offering in this category as we have a lot of enquiries about vegan chocolates.

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