If you are looking for chocolates with fruit, then we have several options for you, both among our ambient range and also in our boxes of chocolates. Our small Treats section includes our hand dipped candied Orange and Lemon batons with intense fruit flavour, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Thins which have pieces of freeze dried raspberry in Peru 64% chocolate, and Ginger dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Among our selection of bars, we have a Milk Chocolate and Orange bar where Florida Orange oil is added to our Venezuela milk chocolate, and our White Chocolate with Lemon and Poppyseed bar where the acidity of the lemon perfectly cuts through the creaminess of the white chocolate. We also have a Dark Chocolate with Raspberry bar, with Peru 64% chocolate packed full of freeze dried raspberry.

We have several chocolates with fruit in our filled chocolate range; we make all of the ganaches that go into them by reducing actual fruit puree to get an intense flavour and then adding them to white, milk or dark chocolate. We have Passion Fruit where the puree is combined with white chocolate, Lime, Lemongrass and Chilli also with white chocolate, Raspberry which is mixed into milk chocolate and Cherry which is combined with dark chocolate and marzipan, laced with a little Kirsch.

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