Chocolates with alcohol

We offer several of our handmade chocolates with alcohol; our most popular one is Marc de Champagne which is made by adding the alcohol to a simple ganache of cream and milk chocolate. This Marc de Champagne is a culinary alcohol with a 60% abv so as to get maximum flavour and kick without the ganache being too runny.

Another favourite among the chocolates with alcohol is our Amaretto ganache which we make using a 60% Amaretto alcohol and we get extra almond flavour and texture by adding premium Lubecker marzipan to the ganache of cream and chocolate. Our vegan Bitter Orange chocolate also contains 60% Cointreau to pack a punch, along with chopped candied peel and a ganache made with oat milk instead of cream.

Another vegan flavour, Cherry & Almond has both marzipan and a hefty slug of Eau de Vie Kirsch for maximum impact. We use reduced cherry puree in place of cream or alternative milk for this flavour.

Some of our other flavours of chocolates containing alcohol make use of it just in small amounts to enhance the general flavour- for example, we add vodka to our Passion Fruit ganache for a little extra bite and our vegan Coconut Caramel chocolate contains both rum and coconut liqueur.

Look out for our seasonal chocolates with alcohol- at Christmas we teamed up with Doghouse Distillery to make a Damson Gin Truffles, always a popular stocking filler. We are also working on some new flavours of chocolates with alcohol, inspired by some unusual tipples- a grapefruit gin and a Japanese plum wine. Distinctive and delicious!

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