We’ve finally done it! DeRosier Chocolates are now available online as well as in our south west London shops. We are also introducing a chocolate club where you can buy a 3 or 6 month subscription of our selection boxes.

Making chocolates from our Earlsfield shop, I often get to chat to customers about their preferences and try to answer their questions; here are a couple I regularly get asked: have you got gluten free chocolate? Well, all chocolate is gluten free (unless you are adding biscuity things to them with flour which contains gluten). Another question: what dairy free chocolate have you got? All of our dark chocolate is dairy free and most of it is suitable for vegans. So whether you try a 64% from Peru or an 85% from Colombia, it’s only made up of cocoa mass (cocoa solids and cocoa butter) and sugar; 64% means that it has 36% sugar, 85% means that it has 15% sugar. Look out for our 100%  cocoa mass bar coming soon with no sugar at all-not for the faint hearted!

Coffee shops will often offer you chocolate on your cappuccino but Wimbledon goes one step further . We make these thin personalised discs for the All England Club which float briefly on top of the cappuccino before melting. Classy!