Novelties and Hot Chocolate


Chocolate PhonesChocolate iphone

Milk, dark or white chocolate phone packed in a transparent pouch.

75g £6.50

Chocolate Coffee Cups & Saucers

Dark Chocolate coffee cup and patterned saucer. Comes boxed.


Choc StickChoc Spoon

Available in milk, dark or white chocolate. Simply stir into hot milk until dissolved.

50g £2.00

Dark Chocolate Coffee Beanscone

Cornet of dark chocolate mocca beans.

90g £3.95


Hot Chocolate

We grate our own single origin chocolate and now offer 5 different qualities, all of which will make delicious smooth hot chocolate very easily because it melts so quickly.

Dominican Rep White Chocolate 31%dom

250g £5.50

Venezuela Milk Chocolate 43%

250g £5.50

Grenada Dark Chocolate 66.5%

250g £5.50

Ecuador Dark Chocolate 71%equador

250g £5.50

Uganda Dark Chocolate 80%

250g £5.50