Boxes Of Chocolates

Our handmade chocolates are made using the best quality single origin couvertures, currently from Venezuela (milk 43%) and Peru (64%). We use fresh ingredients for our ganaches and they are best eaten within a couple of weeks of purchase, although the caramels and giandujas will be fine for several months.

We have a core range of popular flavours and other flavours make a seasonal appearance. Currently our selection is: Milk chocolate & Vanilla, Sea salted Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Peanut Praline, Lime, Lemongrass & Chilli, Passion Fruit, Dark chocolate & Raspberry, Mocha (dairy free), Bitter orange (dairy free), Marc de Champagne, Amaretto, Pistachio.

Boxes are available containing:

6 Chocolates

price: £6.00

12 Chocolates

price: £12.00

24 Chocolates

price: £22.00

35 Chocolates

price: £28.00


70 Chocolates  (Please note we require 48 hours notice )
price: £50.00


Mosaic Range

This eyecatching new range will brighten up any dinner party. Choose from solid chocolate sticks, gooey caramels or nutty pralines; all can be stored ambiently as they don’t contain any creamy ganache.


solid chocolate

The Solid Chocolate Collection

Solid dark, milk, coffee and orange chocolate batons.

Price: £18.00


The Praline Collection

Hazelnut praline, peanut praline, hazelnut with caramelized almonds and hazelnut with pistachios.

Price: £18.00


The Caramel Collection

Sea salted caramel, hazelnut caramel, coconut caramel and banana caramel.

Price: £18.00



Box of nine.

Price: £8.50